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Our revolutionary permanent hair colour formulated with no ammonia or peroxidecovers 100% of grey hair, is ready to use and is also reusable (one tube up to three applications).

With no prior mixing necessary, its colouring formula is contained in a tube specially designed for a professional application, directly to roots. 
Developed by specialists with pleasant fragrance and gel texture, it coats the hair with a coloured protective film for an intense colour, with radiant tones and natural looking highlights. It resists the harmful effects of the sun, swimming pool and sea. 
Our colouring emulsions have no lightening power as it is mainly intended to cover grey hair, however it’s has essential benefits: as it contains no ammonia or peroxide, the scalp is less prone to irritation, tingling and unpleasant odours.



Chocolate is a warm colour that will tone a brown base and bring character to chestnut hair. It is advisable to mix it with another shade to avoid unwanted red highlights. 

For hair with less than 40% grey, you can achieve a customised shimmering chocolate tone by making a 50/50 blend with the Light Golden Chestnut colouring emulsion.

In a 50/50 blend with the Dark Blond colouring emulsion, you will achieve a warm chestnut tone. 

Caution: If your hair is more than 40% grey, this shade is not recommended to avoid unwanted orange highlights.    



To choose the most suitable shade for your hair, estimate how much grey hair you have:

If you have LESS than 50% grey hair, choose one shade lighter than your natural hair colour. For example, if your natural shade is Chestnut, choose Light Chestnut. If it is Light Chestnut, choose Dark Blond.

If you have MORE than 50% grey hair, choose a shade that is the same tone as your natural shade. For example, if you have Light Chestnut hair, choose a Light Chestnut base with or without golden or ash highlights.

If you have more than 75% grey hair, you can extend leave-on time by 5 minutes.

The key to perfect colour depends on your hair’s structure as this affects how quickly the pigments of the colouring emulsion adhere. Fine and light-coloured hair, or hair that has been sensitised by highlights or ammonia and peroxide colour treatments absorb pigments more easily, while thick hair and brown shades absorb colour less quickly. Therefore, we advise you to carry out a strand test on your hair to be sure you have chosen the right shade.
Choose one of the lightest or greyest strands to carry out this test, apply the colour to the strand and leave it for the required time. Rinse completely and compare the strand to the remainder of your hair under bright natural light.


Before starting, ensure you protect your clothes from stains and cover your shoulders with a towel.
To avoid colouring your skin, use the gloves provided and apply a day cream around your hair line.
Remember to remove all jewellery and metal hair accessories before application and keep them away during colouring. Never use metal accessories.
​​​​​​​Dont apply the colour treatment after using a glittery hair spray or silicone serum (clean, dry hair without any products is best).


First application

For best results we recommend a minimum of 2 tubes of colour on the first application, as you need to cover the hair entirely with the product to ensure full coverage. If your hair is very thick and long you might need more. NOTE: No more than one tube or less will be necessary for subsequent applications to the roots only or touch-ups.

Entirely Natural Hair: on dry, clean hair, directly with the nozzle or a colourist’s brush, apply the product to the roots in a thick layer ensuring the roots are covered completely. Proceed down the lengths. Leave on for 30 minutes for fine or dry hair and 40 minutes for thicker hair.
If you have more than 75% grey hair, you can extend the leave-on time by 5 minutes. Rinse off.

Already coloured hair and following applications (root touch-up): on dry, clean hair, directly with the nozzle or with a colourist’s brush, apply to the roots in a thick layer ensuring the roots are covered completely. Do not spread down the lengths as you risk overloading the colour resulting in an unnatural and uneven result. Leave for 30 minutes for fine or dry hair and 40 minutes for thicker hair. If necessary, to blend the colour, quickly spread to the lengths, on the last 1 or 2 minutes of the application.

If you have more than 75% grey hair, you can extend the root leave-on time by 5 minutes. Rinse off.

Remember to close tight your tube of Colouring Emulsion so you can reuse any remaining contents of tube.


This will stop the colouring process, remove any remaining residue of the Colouring Emulsion, seal the cuticle and fix the colour to the hair.

Dilute the sachet of Neutralising Bath in a little warm water (1/2 cup). Apply on the hair, lather, massage well to remove any remaining residue of the Colouring Emulsion. Rinse.


Apply the Moisturising Shampoo after finishing your colour treatment, follow with the Moisturising Mask if necessary.


Each Colouring Emulsion box contains 1 sachet of Neutralising Bath. Remember to add a Neutralising Bath box to your basket should you intend to have multiple uses from one tube of colour.



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